How to Get help from Upper Eden Food Bank

How to get help

  • Speak to a referral agency
    • Agencies include Citizens Advice Bureau, Housing Support, Health Service staff, Social Services, Children’s Services, local and national charities and churches.
  • If the agency feels that you are struggling they will contact the food bank on your behalf
  • Arrangements will be made for you to be able to collect a food parcel from a number of collection points
  • In exceptional circumstances the parcel can be delivered to an agreed location

What referral agencies do

  • If a referral agency feels that you would benefit from a food parcel they will ring up the food bank on your behalf.
  • Food bank staff will check that you are eligible for a food parcel.
  • There is a limit of three food parcels as the agency should be supporting you long term to help with the problems causing you to need the food parcel. This may include referring you to other agencies.
  • The referral agency will discuss how you will collect the food parcel, you should be able to collect the food parcel the same day or within 24 hours.
  • The referral agency will let you know where to collect your food parcel.