Latest Information:

The Upper Eden Food Bank started approximately 5 years ago and has continued to receive referrals from health and social care professionals for help for local people in times of hardship.

Our clients are always extremely grateful to the food bank and to those who support it by donating food, money or time.

Without this generous support, such as we have received recently from  many  schools, churches and organisations and individuals,   we would not be able to operate.

During the past year an average of one person each day has been fed, a 10% increase on last year, which itself was a 50% increase on the previous year.

The food bank team wish to express their sincere thanks to all who so generously donated gifts of food or money to the food bank, over the Christmas period. Your thoughtfulness and kindness was overwhelming.  Donations came from many sources and we do not want to give any specific thanks at this time, as it would be so easy to miss someone.  Our regular supporters continued with their generous gifts and these were added to by many new people, encouraged by face book nominations and reverse Advent gifts.

Christmas can be a very difficult time for some but please be sure that your gifts will have eased the difficulties for many people.

Thanks again, The Food Bank team.