Latest Information: Current Shortages are:

Coffee and Cereal


Thank you for your support, without which, we would not be able to help people when they find themselves in a difficult situation.  Use of the Food Bank , continues to increase; see figures below.

End of Feb- End of May 2018   78 people were fed.

End of Feb – End of May 2019 143 people were fed.

I will leave the figures to speak for themselves    Thank you for your help.

We need knitters! Calling all crocheters! 

You can help build support for action to End Hunger in the UK.

We have been inspired by End Hunger supporters in Crediton, Devon, who recently yarn-bombed their town square to raise awareness of food poverty in their area.

11-18 October is the Week of Action to End Hunger in the UK. (If you haven’t already signed up to take part yourself, please do!)

End Hunger supporters around the UK will be meeting their MPs that week, asking them to call for a Government commitment to halving food poverty in the UK over the next five years.

We want to leave every MP we meet with a little gift to remember us by – a knitted foodstuff!

We need as many pieces of fruit, veg or any foodstuff you fancy (see the pic below!) as possible, so join in if you can, and ask your friends if they would like to take yarn-based action against food poverty. Everyone knows a knitter!

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