Welcome to Upper Eden FoodBank

The Upper Eden Foodbank has been running since 2013. It has representatives from both Methodists and Anglican churches on the Management Committee. The foodbank supplies food parcels to individuals and families within the Kirkby Stephen, Appleby, Tebay and  Shap  areas, who find themselves in need of a little help. The Salvation Army food bank is available for those in need of help in the Penrith Area. 


How can I get food from the Food Bank?

Please go to the Get Help page of our website.  

How can I donate?

You can make donations in the following places:

  • Appleby Co-Op
  • Kirkby Stephen Co-Op
  • Kirkby Stephen Spar ( both Spar shops) 

There are also Wheelie Bins outside the Sands Methodist Church in Appleby on:

  • Tuesdays (10-10:30am) and Fridays (11am-12pm).

SHORTAGES;    A great big thank you yo all who help us by giving food or monetary donations. We are getting a bit short of bottles of fruit squash   (750 ml or 1 litre bottles are best as the big ones get a bit heavy in the bags)  long life fruit squash and packets of smash.    Thanks 

Prayers for our Community

We continue to hold in prayer those who will be especially affected by the current circumstances. You might wish to use this prayer to support your reflection:

Loving God,

In your very being you exist in relationship, living in service and love with yourself, and with us.

In reflection of this you call us into community, that in knowing one another, listening to one another, and serving one another, we might encounter you.

Through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, when you encountered a hungry crowd, or a family in need of healing, or a group isolated from society, you responded with action, feeding, resurrecting, welcoming.

Open our eyes to the needs of those around us, especially as we encounter new challenges.

Help us to turn to one another in love, responding in action, in service of your hope.

In Jesus’ Name


Below are images from help given to Upper Eden Foodbank – Your support is greatly appreciated.