Frequently Asked Questions

Our Policy is that we can only supply on 3 occasions.

Yes, we can put together a ‘B&B’ parcel which only requires access to a kettle, or does not need any heating at all.

You need to be referred to us by one of the agencies. (For details follow link here Referral Agencies).  They will assess you as to whether or not you are eligible for help from the Foodbank. If you are eligible they will contact the food bank on your behalf to check that you have not already received three food parcels and then to arrange from where you can collect the parcel

You should contact one of the many referral agencies. This can be in person or by telephone. Even if you are not in regular contact with a referral agency they should be able to offer you support. Agencies include professionals such as Health Service and Social Services people, Schools and charities such as Citizens Advice. All churches can help, telephone numbers for your local Minister/Vicar/Pastor/Priest will be displayed outside the church. You do not need to be a member of any church.

You will be given a parcel of food appropriate to your needs. This will contain, so far as we have the supplies, enough food for three days. You can receive up to three parcels throughout your crisis but you will need to be referred to the Foodbank for each visit you make.

Unfortunately the Foodbank cannot help on a long-term basis. We do not have enough food. It is a matter for your referral agency to make long-term provisions for you.

Yes, we can supply cat or dog food as well as a food parcel.

Yes we can provide baby milk or food suitable for babies.

Yes, we can provide food suitable for special diets such as gluten free or diabetic though we are not experts in these fields so you will need to check the suitability of the food you receive.

As we are limited by lack of resources to only giving food parcels on three occasions, we need to know who you are to check how many you have received previously.