How to Give Help to Upper Eden Food Bank

Donation Points

  • Sands Methodist Church, Appleby –
    • Tuesdays 11-11 30am and Fridays 10-10 30 am
      • Please put food in the Food Bank Wheelie bin
  • Co op stores Appleby and Kirkby Stephen in box/wheelie bin
  • Spar stores in Kirkby Stephen
  • The Hub in Appleby

All food to be non-perishable, please see “shopping list” for suggested donations.

Hosting a food collection point

  • Are you a shop or organisation which the public visit on a regular basis? Could you host a small box or wheelie bin for people to donate food?
  • The food bank can provide:-
    • Box/wheelie bin
    • Advertising materials
    • Will include your location on our website
    • Will collect the donated stock on a regular basis
    • Keep you updated on any urgent food requests
    • Let you know how many people we have fed
  • Please contact the food bank phone to discuss telephone 07596 690 902

Volunteering opportunities   Although we have sufficient volunteers at the present moment , do get in touch if you are interested in helping and we will get back in touch if we need more help. 

  • Volunteers are sometimes required at The Sands Methodist Church for the donation sessions. This hour or half hour commitment would see you join a rota, so just one hour a month would be helpful.
  • If you are interested please contact the food bank telephone on 07596 690 902
  • All support through prayer for the work of the food bank would be appreciated.
  • Any volunteer who is recruited to a role which gives access to confidential information has to go through an interview process as per the Methodist Church’s, safe recruitment procedures.

Financial donations

  • Big or small, every gift you give helps transform lives.
  • Our food bank is run by local people for local people – we rely on the community’s support to ensure we can continue to stop people going hungry. Can you invest in the future of our project and help us provide much-needed support to people in crisis in our community?
  • Please phone or e mail  the food bank if you are considering making a financial donation.  07596 690 902

Upper Eden Food Bank Shopping List

Tea bags/Instant Coffee (med)

Milk (1 ltr Full fat or semi-skimmed UHT)

Pasta sauces (Jars or sachets)

Fruit juice (1 Ltr carton UHT)

Fruit squash (1 Ltr)

Biscuits or snack bars

Tinned meat

Tinned fish

Cereals/Porridge (Med size boxes)

Tinned fruit

Tinned vegetables

Instant Mash Potato

Soup (Tinned or packet)

Tinned Rice pudding

Sugar 500gm or 1kg


Jam (Not homemade)

Pasta (Medium bags of dried pasta)

Baked beans

Tinned chopped tomatoes

We are not allowed to accept homemade preserves