Latest Information:

Approximately nine years ago when UEFB was started, who would have imagined the impact of a pandemic on a world and its people.  Yet the past eighteen months or so have shown us just what that is like, and food banks have been even more valuable and welcome as many people have struggled to make ends meet.  Perhaps food banks are here to stay, when we might have hoped that they were a temporary measure.

Particularly since the pandemic and continuing into 2023 with the cost of living crisis; many people have found and are still finding, things very difficult and the Food Bank has been kept busy. We are really grateful for the donations of food, money and time, that people have so freely given.

It is very possible that more people will find themselves in difficult and challenging situations over the next few months, the food bank wants to be there to help, please get in touch if you, or someone you know needs our help. The service is confidential.